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Plan for Tomorrow

Live for today

Live for today

Let us help you plan for the future.


Seminars are scheduled on various topics to both provide educational opportunities for clients and to explain new investment opportunities to potential clients. Generally they last about 1 1/2 hours and offer an opportunity to answer all of your questions. Topics regularly include:

  • Financial Planning:
    Developing a plan gives you peace of mind about appropriate preparations for retirement, children's education, vacations, leaving a legacy and other major life events. Setting up your investments to help you attain those goals with some degree of comfort with appropriate risk helps you understand how and why to invest advantageously for you. Every plan differs and needs tailoring to your needs.
  • Investment Basics:
    Covering measures you can take to protect yourself from financial market losses. The older we get the less time we have to ride out dips in the market before we may need our savings for retirement, health care, contributions and other needs. What investments have guarantees? How to correctly diversify to reduce risk and how to choose less risky investments.
  • Social Security Planning & Decisions:
    Deciding on the best time to start Social Security benefits can be a daunting task. By starting too early you give up significantly reduced payments but current cash flow needs may be essential to survive. The best married couple strategies can depend upon several factors and may mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Divorced couples have other options to maximize their benefits. Learn how to maximize your strategy with answers the Social Security Administration can't give you.
  • Retirement Planning:
    Covering most qualified and non-qualified retirement savings plans including annuities, mutual funds, 401(k) programs, 403(b), SIMPLE plans, SEP IRA’s, and alternative features of IRAs. Learn how to determine what is best for you while our tax laws are changing.
  • Estate Planning:
    Covering how to plan an estate that will pass efficiently incurring the least taxes transferring the most to the heirs you intend. Trusts of various kinds are discussed as well as other important planning tools such as a living will, alternative kinds of power of attorney and others. How to cover estate taxes, leave a legacy and other objectives.
  • College Planning:
    Covering alternative savings plans appropriate for college savings including trusts, 529 programs, Coverdell, UGMAs, UTMAs, Savings Bonds and others. Includes savings through alternative programs such as Variable Universal Life insurance policies. Learn which programs have the least effect on potential scholarships and the rules for applying for financial assistance.
  • Long-Term Care:
    Learn how to protect your hard earned assets from potential skyrocketing costly health care. In an era where people may not have children able or near enough to provide care and in a time when people are living longer and experiencing greater incidence of long-term diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and accidental disabilities fortunes can be lost. What are your alternatives?

These seminars and others are available online in the attached e-Seminar tab for your convenient viewing. Public seminars are offered regularly at different times of the year. Everyone is welcome. Please bring a friend. We encourage you to leave an email at the address below or call to register your interest so that we may alert you to the next seminar of your choice.